Oran Oshune Hutson

Artist Statement

  I am Currently located @ Cali Med Facility 

“You Still With Me?”

Okay, a short, Ugly bio.


I was born and raised in the toilet that is South Central Los Angeles.  

Mama regularly beat me savagely, Daddy stole, gambled, and used dope right in front of me; 

The happening at home went a long way toward preparing me for life on the streets.  At 14 I joined a violent street gang. As far as teenage drug addicts in violent gangs go, my life was typical until January 1997 at the ripe age of 18, I was arrested for killing a man.

Been locked up ever since, draw’n/paint’n my tail off.  I started off with  t-shirt and greeting card designs. They were great, but for reasons I’ll probably share with you later, that went nowhere.

  Then in late 2011 I decided that instead of killing myself as a big “Fuck You!” to the world, I’d switch to fine are and use it to seek redemption, use it to show those who’d deemed me unworthy of friendship and love that they were wrong about me.

Well, I think that’s enough for now.  I thank you all for your time. I wish you the best.

Certainly yours,  Oran